You’ve Got Questions. We’ve Got Answers


What learning & pedagogy does Novy Nest use?

Novy Nest provides an optimal blend of play-way, Reggio Emilia approach and Montessori training aids.
Reggio Emilia is an Italian teaching methodology which is recognised worldwide for its innovative approach towards early education. Children are believed to be 'knowledge bearers' and are encouraged to share their thoughts and ideas about everything they experience. They learn through experiencing their senses and through observation and expression.

Novy Nest pays special emphasis to Parent involvement. What do you do?

​We are proud of our parenting community and we request the help of our parents for activities such as :

  1. Taking interactive sessions related to their profession

  2. Being a part of any specific class activity

  3. Volunteering for school trips & visits

  4. Helping with the school annual events

  5. Organising food-fair or other multi culture events

What is the fee structure?

We strongly recommend you to visit the school, take a look at the facilities we provide to the children  and discuss the admission process along with the fee structure. 

Novy Nest assures you that we offer competitive fee structures compared to other good preschools in the vicinity. Book an appointment with us today!

What will my child learn at Novy Nest?

At Novy Nest, every child's development is important to us. We assure you that your child will learn the below skills and a lot more, during the time she spends here. Our unique curriculum is designed around the skills - Language & Phonics, Numeracy, Science & Technology, Socio-emotional, Physical Development & Motor skills and Creative Arts.

How do I know about my child's progress in Novy Nest?

As part of our co-parenting initiative, we provide the following personalised content to every Novy Nest-er's parent :

  1. Daily digital updates

  2. Weekly newsletters

  3. Regular parenting tips & advice

  4. Quarterly PTMs

  5. Class observation 

  6. Live CCTV feed

How does Novy Nest assure the safety & security of my child?

The Novy Nest flock takes safety and security in all seriousness. We exercise non-negotiable security checks and measures at our school. Children are handed over to parents or authorised representatives after due verification and security checks.  Also, the school has live CCTV surveillance at all internal and external areas of the premises.

What other facilities does Novy Nest provide?

  • CCTV Live feed - So that anyone in the family can monitor the child's safety from the comfort of their homes

  • Air purifying plants - Because we don't want the smoky and dusty air to affect our children

  • Hand-crafted for a child - Every facility, furniture, toy, game, infrastructure has been carefully selected

  • Safe transport with GPS - when it comes to safety, no compromise!

  • Nutritious food - why choose junk when a child can appreciate healthy food options

  • Child psychologist, Paediatrician on call - for emergencies we pray never happen

  • International advisors - child psychology experts from top US universities

  • International quality books & content & learning aids 

  • Day care with flexible hours, activities and homework completion included - because we understand the needs of the modern day working parent