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Budget summer activities at home for your toddler

Updated: Sep 7, 2019

Summers can get really boring for a toddler because the weather outside is too harsh for them to play. (Unless the child is enrolled at Novy Nest – where our school runs round the year!). Here are some interesting budget activities for your toddlers:

Water galore !

Try incorporating water related activities such as – watering the plants, placing water for animals/ birds, water painting, ice painting and other myriad options. Subscribe to a good youtube channel that gives you more such ideas. You can also subscribe to Novy Nest’s youtube channel.

Hello housekeeping !

This is a good time to get your child involved in household activities. The learning potential is immense. Start with simple things like sorting laundry, arranging photographs, keeping the play pen clean & tidy, arranging toys, etc.

Late evenings and night can be a great time to breathe in the fresh air outside. Some star gazing will really help. Please engage your children in a night-time story routine. At Novy Nest, we also provide book recommendations.

Happy Summers!!

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