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Sensitising children to interacting with animals

Updated: Sep 7, 2019

There is a lot of experiential learning that comes from children that know how best to interact with animals. A family that already has a pet at home, knows the importance of animal-child interactions. Children love the feeling of being loved and taking care of an animal. Listing some lifelong benefits that these interactions could bring:

Love – through thick & thin

Children understand that animals need a lot of TLC and they can go to lengths in taking good care of them – even when they are sick! Habits such as healthy eating, ample exercise and wellbeing in general can be inculcated in children early.


Children that take good care of animals are less likely to be violent towards other animals and human beings – including their siblings, peers and friends. Research has shown that instinctively, animals also reciprocate this care towards children and shouldn’t be tagged as dangerous immediately.

At Novy Nest, we understand the importance of these interactions and therefore welcome pet parents to get their pets to the school. Till date, we’ve had a dog, a turtle, a mouse & a guinea pig in school as part of our ‘amazing animals’ theme. We plan to do a lot more.

Shruti Jangid

Founder, Novy Nest

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