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Why have pen pal programs for preschoolers?

Updated: Sep 7, 2019

I remember having a pen friend when I was in 7th grade at school. We eventually acquainted ourselves on social media, but it was heartwarming to send and receive actual letters from someone I hadn’t seen or spoken to before.

I wanted my preschoolers to experience the same excitement and here I’ve listed other benefits I observed during the program:

Plethora of choices

What do I write a letter about? What colour paper do I choose? What colour crayon/pen should I use? Can I use some stickers too? What would my friend like to hear?

These are some of the choices a child faces when starting with penning down her first letter.

Patience – the wait

Patience is a skill that does not come easy to toddlers! I have personally observed children being extremely patient about everyone completing their letters, packing all letters into a big envelope, and the long wait till the replies come back.

A ‘different kind’ of friendship

It takes time for preschoolers to understand the concept of a pen pal. But once they do, they are excited to understand a different culture. They also take responsibility of explaining their own surroundings (read culture) to them.

At Novy Nest, we will continue to associate with other preschools across the world as pen pals. It has been an enriching experience for us.

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