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What does a preschool / daycare expect from the parents?

Updated: Sep 7, 2019

Multiple articles have been written on parents expectations from their child’s preschool/daycare. However, there are some unsaid expecttions that preschools have from the parents. These may seem very trivial to a responsible parent, but having been on the other side of the table, its obligatory to list them down:


While most preschools market extensively on transparency they provide, it is simultaneously expected that the parents be transparent too. Please let us know if the child is sick, her food preferences, her routine, likes and dislikes, etc. These would help us immensely to acclimatise your child attending a school for the first time.

Cleanliness & hygiene

We understand parenting can be difficult especially when you have a weekday morning routine to attend to. However, it would help us greatly if the child comes to school with clean teeth, combed hair, fresh clothes and empty bowels! These are the first things a preschool teaches a child – even before she attends one.

Letting go of some mistakes

We love your child as much as you do. Just like any other parents, we sometimes make mistakes too. We own all the mistakes that we make – but trust us, they are never intentional. Also, do trust your child. Because if your child is happy with her preschool, we must be doing something right.

Above all, be rest assured that the school and the parents are jointly shaping the early development of a child. More efficient the coordination is, the better the results! Treat us like family, because the children spill all your secrets ;-)

Shruti Jangid

Co-founder, Novy Nest

A new age school by IIT ISB Alumni

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