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Engaging with your child, daily.

Updated: Sep 7, 2019

Getting involved with your kids in their activities is the most fun and rewarding thing that you can do as a parent. Given parents' increasingly busy schedule, it becomes very important to have structured activities with your child which are more engaging, has life lessons for the child and most importantly create experiences between parents and child which gets etched as a memory for all to cherish. The most effective engagements with your child can be created with the simplest of things which are readily available at your home or in your neighbourhood. For e.g. falling tree leaves and stems (~10-15 in number, different shapes) around your house can be used to create a game in which the child is asked to imagine and recreate a design using these sticks. At one of our classes in Novy Nest Preschool & Daycare, a child made a tablet screen from the sticks and started to video chat with the teacher. As parents, you can also contribute to child's imagination by actively participating in their world when they are creating it by using simple things. There are many preschools in Vaishali such as Novy Nest Preschool & Daycare which provide programs and DIY at home toolkits for parents to engage with their child. Check them out and have quality time spent with your child. After all, this is what you will remember when you grow old ! The author is the founder of Novy Nest Preschool and Daycare. Founded by IIT ISB alumni, it is the most innovative preschool in Delhi NCR with its centres in Vaishali, Ghaziabad and Noida sector 116.

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