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You are as young as your child !

Updated: Sep 7, 2019

We are not born parents. We become a parent when our child takes birth.

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Which means the parent and the kid are of the same age. Other than a few life experiences and education we don’t know parenting. We learn and grow as a parent along with the child. For example a new born baby cries when he is hungry and also cries when he is sleepy or uncomfortable. A mother, after a few days of observing can distinguish between the different needs as the child cries. Before the child birth she never knew that there are different types of crying. As the child learns and reacts, we as parents learn the emotions of the child. The child is the teacher to the parent. The parent and child walk the road together. We as parents can’t control the emotions and reaction of the child. We can only help them understand the wrong and right of every situation or the reaction and take care of the safety of the child. Every child and every parent grows uniquely and differently. A two year old parent does not know what it is to be a fifteen year old parent or a 40 year old parent (here the numbers are the age of the kids). Every time we say “I am the parent and I know better”, we are not being truthful to the child. We might know the situation better from our side as a man or woman but not as a parent. Let us understand our children, give them the space to grow with experiences, let them challenge their abilities and let them explore and learn. We just need to give them the confidence that we are walking with them (not ahead of them) on this road of life. Lets become better parents before we expect better from our kids.

We at Novy Nest provide a safe and child friendly space for children to explore , learn and grow independently. The observation and learnings taking place at Novy Nest will reflect positively in your child which in turn will surely make you a happy parent.

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