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Double the joy - when we have twins!

Updated: Sep 7, 2019

Oh Wow, twin motherhood. Whether you were happy to find out you had more than one bun in your oven, or you were truly stunned and horrified, no one can deny that being a mom of two at once comes with, well, some different and tough challenges. But as difficult as it is to have multiples, upbringing of twins is also equally as joyful, hilarious, fun and of course a memorable phase of life. Having twins will come with changes for you as parents and human being as well. When learning and adjusting with your new family life with your kiddos, the most important part is the love you will all share. No doubt, Twins are really amazing!

You love them both equally, of course, but the reality is -you don’t love them equally at the same moment of time. There will usually be one baby who’s decided to do you a total solid and be sweet as pie while the other loses their damn mind, and no matter what, that is the kid you’re going to love more. Twin babies will share many things from bottles to toys, cribs to baths including germs. This means they will often be sick at the same time or we can say same day particularly when they a tiny babies and their immune system is weak. Many parents of multiple babies wonder if twins develop at the same pace as single babies. Every baby is different and unique, as are twins who will progress at their own individual rate.

When raising twins, we will all get those silly twin questions, comments and compliments as well from strangers when we are out and about. A comment I get most of the time is – How do you do it? – But the fact is that many parents of twins believe twins can be much easier than single child. They will always have someone to play with, and often sleep through the night earlier.All kids will naturally develop their own sense of self, when it comes to twins people will often see them as a unit. As a parents, we can help and encourage individuality from the moment they are born. Simple things like calling them by name and not referring to them as the twins.The initial period with twins is the one you & l want to learn most about.Once you get through it (which you will) the rest should fall into place and make everything easy for you. Many people are, by nature, simply more independent than others. It seems that moms of multiples often fall into this category.

Twins or not, every child's individuality is catered to at novy nest preschool & daycare. Our higher teacher-to-child ratios, along with open spaces and platforms to explore one's interests helps develop this.

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