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Beat the heat with Summer Camp!!

Updated: Sep 7, 2019

Again that time of the year when the #Sun is at its best behaviour and we are dreading it. #Summers come not only with the scorching heat and staying indoors; summers also bring summer vacations for the children. Most of us take this time to visit our hometown or go on a #family #vacation. This is the best way to utilise the time off from schools. The children get to spend time with the grand parents or visit new cities and countries. But many do not have the option of taking off from work and leaving home for travel. The reasons could be any and many. But then what do the children do?

Here come the nearby summer camps to rescue. Yes you read it right. SUMMER CAMP!! But why a summer #camp and why not let the child be home during vacations? The answer lies in another question, “what will the child do the whole day staying at home?”. Most of the day time will go being on the screens, be it a tablet, phone, computer, TV or a video game. A few hours will go cribbing and asking “what do I do now”. And you as a parent will have to plan out some outing or a new activity each evening to keep them engaged. Not at all an easy task, trust me. What if you can avoid all the above and provide something creative daily for the child. A summer camp will help you here. The benefits of sending your child to the summer camp are many. #Self-confidence, #independence and #teamwork are improved immensely. Other than these they will have one outing daily, they will get to form new friendships, they will learn to adjust in a new environment and engage themselves in new activities. They will have some adventure and some exercise too. New skills are also learnt. These camps are an opportunity for the child to work in a group never known to him. The child gets to interact with kids elder to him or maybe quiet younger to him. The most important thing is it will sharply cut down on the screen time of the child.

Where to find a summer camp?

These days most of the #schools (majorly #playschools) provide summer camps for the kids during summer vacations. They advertise through social media platforms. You can call the school and ask for the details. The timings and duration of the summer camp are not same as the school hours. These summer camps are usually of 3-4 hrs a day. Each day is planned and new activities are introduced to keep the children interested. The children don’t have to study and they get a chance to learn and enjoy new skills. Depending on the time duration there is also a provision of healthy meals during each day. The materials required for various activities are provided by the camp organisers. Usually the last day of the camp is a party where in parents are also invited and the art and craft or any project done by the children is showcased. Many summer camps also take the children out for a picnic on the last day.

Remember that these summer camps have limited seats and are on first come first serve basis. So hurry and find the nearest summer camp for your child. There are plenty of summer camps in noida and vaishali.

Let a summer camp be the cool gift for the hot season.

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