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Baby to resolve marital issues?

We all would have come across people struggling in such situations where they are suggested "Baby ho jaane do, sab thik ho jaega". Is it right to have a baby to cope up with Marital problems? Here is what our Co-founder thinks:

"Absolutely, no! I’d strongly recommend settling the marital problems first and then planning a baby."

Raising a child is no easy job - even two partners working hand in hand may not be enough! It requires spending quality time and decision making for the smallest of issues, add to that appointments with the doctors and nannies and educators…..and the list goes on and on… Researchers have studied how having children affects a marriage, and the results are conclusive: the relationship between spouses suffers once kids come along.It seems obvious that adding a baby to a household is going to change its dynamics. And indeed, the arrival of children changes how couples interact. Parents often become more distant and businesslike with each other as they attend to the details of parenting. Mundane basics like keeping kids fed, bathed and clothed take energy, time and resolve. In the effort to keep the family running smoothly, parents discuss carpool pickups and grocery runs, instead of sharing the latest gossip or their thoughts on presidential elections. Questions about one’s day are replaced with questions about whether this diaper looks full. In the event that a pregnancy is not planned for right reasons, the parents experience even greater negative impacts on their relationship. Overall, a child being raised by a single parent (a responsible one) has better chances on growing up as a sensitive, active, interactive, social human being than a child raised by a difficult marriage!

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