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Sharing something close to our Co-Founder's heart and she took plenty of pointers from this book while starting Novy Nest : Preschool & Daycare

A MUST-READ BOOK!! (For kids & even parents) Totto-chan!

WHY TO READ: Totto-chan is an old & supposedly popular children's book. Based on real story: Some of the situations in the book made me instinctively feel that people would never behave like that in real life. So I was quite stunned to read in the epilogue that these were actual events that occurred in the author's childhood: that she was Totto-chan! It shows how accepting little natural naughtiness can go on to create a positive change in the child. It also demonstrates the significance of having the right teachers and the right attitude towards children. Most importantly, it teaches the importance of listening attentively and of not labeling your children.

WHAT IS IT ABOUT: Totto-chan is an amazing compilation of a little girl's adventures and experiences during pre-war and wartime Japan. The brief chapters cover in detail Totto-Chan's school in grades 1 & 2 and personal life at the same time. (BTW, this book is perfectly suitable as bedtime read-aloud companion for children: short chapters with lots of possible topics for discussion.)

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