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Bubble play for children - beyond fun

Ever wondered why bubbles brings such a familiar smile on all children and some adults. Are there advantages to bubble play or is it just some pure joy activity? Here we discuss more about it:

1.Breath regulation

Apart from the visual appeal, a child engrossed in blowing bubbles is unknowingly spending a lot of efforts in controlling his/her breath. Blow too hard, the bubble snaps, blow too less and there's no bubble to have fun! This also helps children play wind based instruments in the future.

2.Super-duper engaging

One of the very few activities that engages even the most active of children to be engaged in an activity (till the solution lasts!). Everyone from a single child to a large group of mix children and adults can find some fun and quality time in bubbles.

3.Art and motor skills

It is amazing to watch a child think deep on how to make his/her bubbles bigger and last longer. Give them some bubble solution (or make one yourself) and watch in wonder as they gradually move up the bubbles skill ladder. Even an infant loves watching bubbles and toddlers find it super fun to chase and pop the bubbles away!

4.Language and communication

A first-timer child with bubble solution would love to hear an adult teach them about how to blow bubbles. The way you give them instructions and slowly hand hold them in teaching this art becomes very important. You wouldn't have to do this for long - trust me!

At Novy Nest, we do engage in #bubble fun every few days, be it indoors or outdoors. We have observed all age groups enjoy this activity equally. If you are looking to spend some quality time with your child, don't forget to add some bubble fun in the coming weekend!

For more #liveclass , #homeschooling or #digitalschool options, do contact us.

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