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Gender equality in preschoolers

Gender Equality is something which is very much needed to be imbibed in the DNA of our society to progress. What else can be better than teaching this to our kids at an early stage?

Look how we don't just talk but our Team ensures that the whole NovyNest Family practices that and grows together.

- Using Gender Neutral toys: Every child has a right to reach their full potential, and gender inequality prevents this by limiting what they can and can't do. We do not encourage usage of colors or type of the toys which are associated with genders. For ex: Pink for girls, Blue for Boys, dolls only for girls, sports car for boys.

- Using gender-neutral language when referring to children, e.g. instead of saying, ‘Choose a boy to go with you’; say, ‘Choose a friend to go with you’.

- Avoiding stereotyping children by telling stories like sleeping beauty, or fairy tales for girls.

- Self-regulate your own interaction with the children. Encourage all children to share feelings and emotions equally.

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