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Patriotism and children

There are plenty of things to appreciate about our living in our country #India. On every national holiday, we spend some time on instilling the same love if not more, for our #motherland.

Here's how -

- What to do during the #nationalanthem? every child must've heard it in movie theatres or television in general. It's important to understand how do we react when this song plays.

- What are our responsibilities as #citizens? Well, for younger children, we could limit the answer to this question as maintaining #clean surroundings, respecting queues, voting, etc.

- People and places significant to our nation's history Talk to them about key people of the country, both past and present. If you stay near key #historic #landmarks, do visit the place and speak to your child about it. Take this opportunity to also show them the telecast of #flag hoisting, #tableaus, PM speech, etc.

What are the overarching values we should instil in our children that can contribute to making our country great through the years to come? Our answer - the lessons of #love, #responsibility and #community ! In no way should you stress too much - each child will take his/her own time to understand.

Don't miss the little #novynest patriots wearing the tricololour with pride!

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