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Phonics as a crucial element of early learning - and how it impacts reading ability

If you are a #parent, and the word 'phonics' sounds new to you, here's a quick overview. #Phonics is the art and science of teaching sounds associated with certain scripts and letters of the alphabet combinations. But before you enrol your #child to a phonics based #preschool #program, it is important to understand why it began and why is it important.

  1. It tells the child the significance of the script in its entirety. The scribbling has a sound attached to it and when it visually combines with other scribbles, the sounds and music combine too!

  2. Children attempt to read most words and new words even though they may be new to their young minds. Phonics gives them a certain confidence of taking each word one sound at a time. Don't be surprised if your 6 year old is unperturbed while reading 20+ letter words!

  3. Children stop looking for visual cues to understand the context of the script and therefore, stop reading in a language different from what the script is in. A crucial part of language learning is exposure to more and different types of content - and mistakes are okay. Reading in a language that is comfortable to you isn't the right way to go forward.

  4. ' abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz ' is not a hymn that needs to be recited in one breath and in that particular order. We have all come across enough parents who assess their child's language skills by the memorisation of these letters. It's more important to know their application, sounds and how they behave when combined with other letters. Remember those chemistry lectures, eh?

The sad reality is that a lot of #play #school #teachers are unaware of the basics of phonics or/and are untrained in the said subject. The downside to learning wrong phonics is huge as the fundamentals created during these times form the base of language and changing that later on in life is unfathomable. Do check for phonics #certification of your child's preschool teacher - like we do at #novynest #vaishali and #noida.

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