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Simple home activities for children

Is your Kid a curious one who is looking out for new things to play with every few minutes? Are you running out of ideas to engage them?

Here are some ways tried & tested at Novy Nest for engaging your restless kid!

We all went through boredom at some point of time. The same is true with our kids also! With the advertisement of technology we give cellphones or tablets/ I-pads to our kids which results into poor eyesight, lack of concentration, poor memory. There are no. of ways to keep our kids engaged which we have tested in our Daycare in Vaishali. We just have to understand the mindset, about which we could experiment with many more kids at NovyNest.

Kitchen utensils: Toddlers love making noises and exploring their surroundings. "My son at the age of 2 used to play with the kitchen utensils, though he had lot of toys" says Purnima Mam at Novy Nest.

Shiny/ colorful objects: Kids love and get fascinated with shine and glitter. So you can engage them with CDs. This helps them in learning shapes as well as making the grip strong.

Coloring: I used to get lots of coloring books for my son..aand he would finish them all in a day or 2! Even now it is my go-to-idea to engage him away from screen J Let them color. Even if they initially scribble its ok! It is an activity which promotes creativity in kids. They get familiarized with colours and become more aware of things.

Painting: Painting helps in improving mobility skills since their hand muscles are being used which helps them develop mentally and physically.

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