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The dinosaur world to children

Check out our little Kabir having fun with colouring his favourite Dino!

It’s a phenomenon that many parents are familiar with: their child’s obsession with a particular thing. Parents worry that this is a little unhealthy. What they might be surprised to discover is that scientific research suggests that it’s actually a positive thing.

Here are a few ways children's interest in dinosaurs could benefit them long-term:

- FOSTERS CREATIVITY: Children can experiment with a variety of art forms like origami, colouring, drawing, reading, singing as a part of their obsession with Dino. This will be an effective outlet for their creativity combined with their interest area. Hence, they will tend to get involved deeply and passionately. - ENHANCED VERBAL SKILLS: Have you met determined preschool-age children with burning questions? Regardless of their language skills, they will do whatever it takes to get satisfactory responses. This is likely linked to children's desire to understand and be understood and to their exposure to a range of vocabulary words as a result of their frequent questions. - IMPROVED COMPREHENSION: Students with advanced comprehension skills tend to enjoy reading more than others and master age-appropriate skills quickly, according to Iowa Reading Research Center. And kids with improved mastery of reading tend to do well in school. - HIGHER CONFIDENCE: Another benefit of intense interests is the confidence kids derive from their solid understanding of a topic. It may be the first time in their lives they know more about something than a parent or teacher. "It makes them feel powerful, their parent may be able to name three or four dinosaurs and the kid can name 20, and the kid seems like a real authority."

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