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What can I do to make my child ready for formal schooling?

Current Indian formal education system has some very basic expectations from a child seeking admission. Early education or the concept of preschooling, started with the intent of making this transition smoother for young children. Preschool also comes at a time in a child’s life that is supposed to be most crucial for overall development of a child. In our experience, below are some points that are considered important both from school management and smart parenting point of views -

Social skills

A child thrives best when he/she is in an environment where they make friends and understand the unsaid rules of group interactions with similar aged children. A school-ready child should also be comfortable in a mixed age group setting and learn to trust their teacher and how to address them.

Expressing oneself

A perfect school environment is said to be where quality conversations happen. And these have to be two-way! It is best if the children can express their needs – hunger, washroom needs, general discomfort, anger, happiness, etc. It may take a child time to develop a bond – but the earlier a child is exposed to a safe environment outside their home comfort zone, the better it is.

Child personality vis-à-vis school compatibility

A child’s personality in a school setting may slightly differ from what the child is at home. Parents find it easier to find the best school for their child once the child’s preferences, fears and personality are known.

Preschooling will help a child with all above aspects. It will also help the child develop the necessary skills that some school may test them on – motor skills, language and numeracy skills, creativity, etc.

At Novy Nest, we ensure a family is helped through the entire admissions cycle. We also take immense pride in staying well-connected with our young alumni.

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