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Winter dressing for children

Winters are getting on Peak! But how do you know if your toddler has put on optimum layers of clothing?

Well, below are some tips for Toddler outerwear:

1. Consider water resistance- The best types of winter coats and jackets for toddlers will keep the heat in while preventing precipitation from seeping in from the outside.

2. Consider how easy the item is to put on and take off of your child. A zippered winter coat or fleece jacket is easier to put on and take off. Paired with warm pants for toddlers, a sherpa jacket or fleece lined jacket over base layers is a great option to keep your little one cozy during winter.

3. Consider the weight of the clothing.

4. Choose the right fit for your growing child. Babies and toddlers grow so fast that it’s unlikely your little one will be able to wear a coat for more than one winter. For toddlers or big kids, buying a size up may allow you to use the coat for two winters, but be sure the coat isn’t so large that it restricts movement or looks baggy. Another consideration is that while purchasing toddler winter clothing a size bigger will give your child plenty of room to grow, any extra space in a winter coat means less heat is retained.

5. Be aware of the risks associated, safety hazards with winter coats and car seats. In order for your child’s car seat to protect your child, straps must fit snugly against your little one’s chest. In a car accident, thick winter coats may compress too much, creating extra slack and allowing your baby to slip out of the harness straps on the car seat. Rather than a bulky winter coat, it’s best to only use a light jacket or sweater in the car. Better yet, remove your child’s larger winter coat before strapping them into their seat. Then cover your little one up with a fuzzy, warm blanket over the buckle and harness. You can also put your child’s coat on backwards over their arms, once they are buckled in. Fleece or sherpa jackets are another great option, as these materials provide plenty of warmth for your child without any extra bulk.

6. Layer various cold weather items to provide optimum warmth for your little one. baby , toddler or kid warm in the winter is dressing them in layers. If your child gets cold, just add another layer or two in order to increase heat and find the right comfort level for your little one. Start with base layers, such as a thin bodysuit for babies and thermal wear for toddlers. Next, add a long-sleeve shirt (or two, depending on the temperature) and warm pants, topped with a fleece or sherpa jacket and a coat or snowsuit if needed. Don't forget toddler wool socks, as well as other essential cold weather accessories like boots,hats, mittens and a scarf . A four-in-one jacket with an inner, removable layer is another excellent option. The four-in-one has an inner layer that can be removed and worn separately, or you can put the layers together when the temperatures become bitterly cold.

7. Avoid overheating. As a general rule of thumb, babies and young children should wear one additional layer of clothing over what an adult would need to stay warm in the same conditions. When it comes to dressing toddlers for winter weather, if you are comfortable in a light jacket or fleece sweater, your older children should be comfortable wearing similar cold-weather gear. In fact, bundling your child in too many layers could actually make your little one colder. That’s because if your child is so hot they begin to sweat, their clothes will become wet, allowing cold air and wind to lower their body temperature.

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