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Winter sand and sun fun

Check out how our Kids having some Winter Sand & Sun-soaked fun.

Also, it is a common observation that Parents being worried about their kids getting tanned in Sun and hence minimising the sun exposure, which isnt healthy either. Read below why?

Reasons Why Healthy Sun Exposure is Essential this Winter!

Over the last few decades, sun-o-phobia has become our norm. Thanks to non-stop, dire warnings put out by mainstream medicine declaring all sun exposure BAD, we’ve been scared into thinking the sun is a death star waiting to zap us every time we step outside. Granted, sunbathing irresponsibly for hours on end and burning is unquestionably harmful and potentially lethal. But ‘taking a bit of sun’ for brief periods – we’re talking minutes, not hours – and allowing the sun to hit your skin unprotected is essential to good health. Enjoying a ‘sunbreak,’ and not a sun-bake, confers a host of benefits that you shouldn’t miss out on, particularly once winter starts to take hold.

- Disease-fighting vitamin D levels get a lift.

- You can replicate some of that bliss with regular sunbreak studies have shown that vitamin D has an anti-depressant effect. And the light exposure lifts moods via other brain pathways even if in the winter the vitamin D boost is modest.

- This winter, in the morning or as early as you can, head out into the sunshine for a few minutes, sans sunglasses. This allows the daylight coming in through your eyes to signal to the brain’s pineal gland that nighttime is over, and it’s time to switch off production of melatonin, the nighttime drowsiness hormone. Using the sun this way – a strategic sleep-and-wake partner – you’ll help your body maintain a healthy and normal circadian rhythm all winter long.

- Put blood pressure in its place: urns out, sunshine triggers the release of nitric oxide, a compound that opens the blood vessels, enabling better blood flow. So one more reason to head outside this winter.

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