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Writing skills and preschoolers - how soon is too soon?

See the difference between the hand of a preschool (left) and the hand of a 7-year-old (right)? Parents regularly ask us for help because their preschooler child is unable to #write. This picture tells us why! Their hands are still unfolding and not fully formed. This blog is an attempt to help parents understand why it’s wrong to push kids to write well before they are physically ready and able. And why they should have more grace and patience with kids who are not interested or write poorly.

So what should we do to support them? The answer is play based learning. And not stressing on proper grip formation till the time is right. Painting, crumbling, tearing, pasting, running, digging on earth, sensory games, disguise, science experiments, string, puzzles, throwing balls, etc. All these things help their hands develop. Just play fine motor games with your preschool aged child, do not force them to write. That will come naturally when they are older.

Many toddlers love colouring and drawing and trying to write and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with letting them, even with improper #pen #grip if it’s something they enjoy. However proper pen grip isn’t something they can achieve for the long periods of time needed to learn how to write correctly due to their hands not being fully developed. This is often why young kids use the fist grip while young and then random variations of proper pen grip once they get a little older because it’s challenging for their hands to make the correct grip without the bones and muscles fully developed that are needed to hold that grip. Children will try very hard to copy adults including how you hold a pen and you can teach them if they want to learn, but expecting they do it isn’t a reasonable expectation at such a young age.

Note - A child's hand will continue to grow after the age of 7 This is just a comparison between a young child and an older child.

Image source : Mindful Moments

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